Technical Program

Call for Papers now Closed

The 2017 CDA Conference has received proposals for papers and presentations on regulation and dam safety for dams of all types, including:

Technical session topics include:
Small Dams 
Public Safety
Mining Dams
Site Characterization
Monitoring and Surveillance 
Dam Safety Review - Case Studies
Inundation Mapping
Ruskin Remediation Project

Authors who are have submitted abstracts will be informed of the process by session moderators shortly. Authors are encouraged to access the Abstract template on this page for the specifications and for tips on writing an effective abstract.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Professional development workshops will be held Oct. 14 and 15, prior to the conference.

Workshop A: Tailings Dam Breach Inundation Analysis
Workshop B: Dam Safety Reviews 
Workshop C: Emergency Management & Response
Workshop D: Workshop for Small Dam Owners & Owners of Small Dams
Workshop E: APEGBC Site Characterization of Dams
Workshop F: Drained vs. Undrained Stability Analyses for Mining Dams

Template for Abstract for the CDA 2017 Conference

Template for Conference Abstract
(Microsoft Word Document)

Template for Conference Paper for the CDA 2017 Conference

Template-Conference Paper Format
(Microsoft Word Document)