Keynote Speaker

Monday, Oct. 17, 2016

8:30 am

Bryan Watts

Recent Trends in Safety Assessments for Tailings Dams

Bryan D. Watts, P.Eng is a Principal of Klohn Crippen Berger in Vancouver.  He graduated from University of British Columbia in 1974 and obtained his MSc in Civil Engineering in 1980 from the University of Alberta.

He has designed tailings dams and evaluated their safety in Canada and many other countries around the world. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Watts was lead consultant for the resolution of the Bennett Dam sinkhole event in 1996/1997.

He has been heavily involved in the forensic studies to determine the cause of failure of: Omai tailings dam in Guyana, Los Frailes in Spain, Keephills Ash Lagoon in Alberta, Mount Polley in British Columbia and, currently, a tailings dam in Brazil.