Regional Workshops


Technical workshops are offered at the CDA Annual Conference. In addition, CDA offers regional workshops throughout the year.

2016 Schedule:

Oct. 15 & 16, 2016 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Offered as part of the 2016 CDA Annual Conference

Workshop A - An Overview of Tailings Dams Design (1 day)
Workshop B - Dam Safety Reviews (1 day)
Workshop C - Dams & Public Safety (2 days)
Workshop D - Forum on Conversion of Dams into Landforms (1/2 day)
Workshop E - Systems Approach & Simulation in Risk Assessment of Dams (1/2 day)
Workshop F - Forum on Improvements to the CDA Environmental Consequence Classification Scheme (1/2 day)

More events are added all the time, so please review the Events List regularly.

Workshops offered as part of Conferences: registration is via Conference registration. See the Conference website for full details on the workshops.