A draft Table of Contents for a Technical Bulletin is in preparation and will be posted soon.

The following documents have been prepared by the Dam Safety Review Working Group:

2012 Conference DSR Session Presentations

You can download the presentations from the Dam Safety Review Working group session below:
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2011 Workshop Findings
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State of Practice
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Information Document
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DSR Review Next Steps
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Dam Safety Review (DSR) Working Group

In October 2011, the CDA DSR Working Group was formed during the CDA Conference in Fredericton, following the DSR Workshop held on October 16, 2011. The objective of the working group is to improve Dam Safety Review guidance related to the CDA Dam Safety Guidelines. It is expected that this will result in publication of a Technical Bulletin for Dam Safety Reviews and development of workshops to provide training on the use of the technical bulletin.

A number of gaps were identified in the current content of the CDA Guidelines in regards to Dam Safety Reviews, during the workshop in Fredericton. The working group has been working on five concurrent tasks to begin addressing the gaps:

A state of practice review. This was requested from the Dam Safety Committee as a high level review of what other jurisdictions do for Dam Safety Reviews, both to expand the knowledge of the working group and to ensure that we are not duplicating efforts. The state of practice review is partially documented.

Information Required for a DSR. It was identified that often owners are not aware of the information required by a consultant to carry out a Dam Safety Review. A document has been drafted that itemizes the information that an owner should provide or inform the consultant of. Equally important, is to identify which information is not available when requesting proposals for the DSR. This was presented to members at the CDA conference. The document is available for review under Draft Documents.

Prioritization of DSR Findings. It was identified in the workshop that there was a desire for guidance on prioritization of DSR findings. The working group has been researching different methods of prioritizing dam safety deficiencies in relation to Dam Safety Reviews.

Technical Bulletin on DSRs. The working group has developed a diagram showing the Dam Safety Review process. This is available for review under Draft Documents (at left) and feedback from CDA members is welcome. The contents of the technical bulletin on Dam Safety Reviews will likely be based on the process diagram. The working group will be drafting sections of the technical bulletin in 2013.

Qualified Reviewers. It was identified at the workshop that it can be difficult for owners to find qualified third party reviewers. APEGBC and the BC Regulator are sponsoring a project to develop Professional Practice Guidelines for carrying out Dam Safety Reviews. The working group is staying up to date on developments to ensure there is alignment with the work being done by the CDA. The outline of the guideline was reviewed by the working group in June when we met in Calgary.

The DSR Working Group currently consists of the following members:
  • Terry Oswell, BC Hydro
  • Brenda Danielson, Manitoba Hydro
  • Dave MacMillan, KGS Group
  • Gilles Bourgeois, GENIVAR
  • Mike Noseworthy, Government of BC
  • Santiago Paz, Province of Alberta
  • Simon Cullum-Kenyon, TransAlta
  • Doug Sparks, Hydro Quebec
  • Marc Gendron, CEHQ
  • Catrin Van Donkelaar, Canadian Operations McMillen-LLC
If you are interested in taking part in the development of the DSR Technical Bulletin or in reviewing draft versions of the DSR Technical Bulletin, please contact the working group by email.